a Connection with place.


My work takes flight when I encounter skies reminiscent of those in Turner paintings, which I then interpret as ethereal and ghostlike skies that sometimes interact with manmade elements.

Moving from four generations shooting commercial work for multinationals, my NEW WORK, photographing and interpreting plants and everyday things seen during walks at home and in favourite places, takes me to higher ground.

A professional photographer for three generations, working for advertising, editorial and corporate clients on both sides of the Atlantic, my connection with place occurred recently (2015), when I submitted myself to the natural elements of Ireland, the country of my birth (and Georgia, USA, where I lived for 6 years) – resulting in an immersive connection with place, as I engage with the primordial soul of the skies and other natural elements that I explore.

Visual texture, contrast, and drama in my images are metaphors for change, transformation, and growth. They also speak about the ever-changing process of life, and how nothing is permanent. 

I seek to capture the magic that black and white can communicate, resulting in celestial environments that give each image a more dynamic visual impact.

Touching on climate change my skyscapes speak of the pristine nature of clouds and the constant battle between industry and the elements. 

Wild and natural, each image reflects the intimate and spiritual connections humans have with the clouds, sky and air. Each of my fine arty photographs celebrates the magical bond we have with all of nature. 

As I continue on this journey of discovery I find myself drawn to the abstract, where shape, direction and tone take precedence, taking me to a simpler place where imagination and instinct give life to new creative discoveries.

Stephen S T Bradley

Portrait of photographer Stephen S T Bradley photographer and video producer Dublin, Ireland


RUA 2016 at Belfast Museum (Oct 2016 – Jan 2017) – group.

QFT (Oct 2015) – solo.

The Yard Gallery, Holywood, NI (ongoing) – group.

National Museums Northern Ireland (2018) – permanent collection.


Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) 2020 –

Portfolio: A Terrible Beauty / Award: Silver

Prix De La Photographie Paris 2019 –

Portfolio: Skyworld / Award: Silver

Media (PR)

The Independent

Irish Times

Fubiz (France)

Newstalk Radio (Dublin): live interview.

Advertising / Corporate (clients)

Coca Cola, USA

Primerica (CitiBank).

Dunlop Sports, USA


Home Depot

McDonalds, USA

Georgia Power, USA

Atlanta Gaslight

Editorial (clients)

The Times, London

Washington Post

The Economist

LA Times


Der Spiegel

Paris Match

The Guardian, London

Biography  (photography)

1979-82 Belfast: Editorial photographer (work featured on the covers of every national newspaper in UK, Europe and USA)

1981 and 1982: Northern Ireland News Photographer of the Year

1995-2001 Atlanta: Editorial and Advertising photographer (national and multinational clients)

2015- to date: Commercial and Fine Art photographer

Landscape photography portfolio