We are a Commercial Photography and Video Production and Social Media Content creation studio in Dublin and Belfast Ireland experienced producing stylised and engaging photographs and videos on the island of Ireland for clients throughout Ireland, the UK and across the globe.

Specialising in photography and video production for multinational and SME corporate, commercial, PR, agency, government, tourism and construction clients we pride ourselves in constantly delivering much more than our client’s expectations.

EXPERIENCED providing  emotionally engaging photographs and video productions for clients including national and international news an editorial outlets, BBC, RTE, Screen Ireland, UPS, Dunlop Sports, Tesco and Diageo, CONTACT US today and let’s create unique imagery that effectively gets your brand and products the attention they deserve.

Services Overview

Working out of Dublin and Belfast, Ireland, and good with people, we provide stylised engaging photography and video production for commercial, advertising, PR and corporate clients that delivers the required results.

Experienced working locally, nationally and internationally on advertisingannual reporteditorial and portraiture projects on both sides of the Atlantic – including for J Walter ThompsonBBDOUPS, Randstad US,  Georgia Power, CitiBank affilaite Primerica, Diageo and Coca Cola.

Dublin Belfast / London

From a simple two man photo-shoot, to a full multi-disciplinary crew on a large advertising campaign, all projects are treated with the same respect, passion and drive.

Services include –

  • Location and Studio based Commercial Photography.
  • Video Production (broadcast quality HD).
  • Location Scouting and Clearances.
  • Crew Sourcing.
  • Talent Casting (via video link if required)
  • Contract negotiation and Clearances.
  • Set Building.
  • Studio Facilities.
  • Photo Retouching.

Location and Studio: With over 20 years experience working on both single and multiple location commercial photography shoots, in both national and international locations, we are experienced in all aspects of commercial photography logistics, ensuring delivery of high end work and in an environment conducive to the team always giving their best.

Video Production: Stephen is an experienced director of photography. Having filmed on location for UPS in the U.S. and for BBC Worldwide in the UK, where each frame is a standalone image unto itself.

Location Scouting and Clearances: Tell us your requirements and we will efficiently deliver geo located scouting imagery of both well known and yet unfound locations anywhere throughout Ireland, North or South.

Crew Sourcing: Whether you require one or multiple models, acting talent, lighting or electric technicians, we can quickly build a crew from our team of experienced professionals that will accommodate the most simple or demanding of advertising photography project requirements.

Talent Casting: Working with a network of only the best and most experienced talent agencies in Dublin, Ireland, we can quickly set up physical or remote (video) casting for any size of advertising, commercial or corporate photography or video project.

Contract Negotiation and Clearances: Experienced negotiating deals to deliver the most for your buck, every time.

Set Building: Whether studio or location, Stephen is experienced build creative teams for projects of any size for local, national and international photography and video projects.

Studio Facilities: Working to the clients brief, and with use of varying size studios that will cater to everything from an automotive photoshoot to a kitchen equipped studio (and chefs), we can shoot small or large delivering mouth watering imagery every time.

Photo Retouching: Delivering everything from simple blemish removal to complete changes of background, we have delivered on multiple occasions on everything from an advertising photography project for Georgia Power to lifestyle photography for the Northern Ireland Executive’s government annual report. In other words . . . I know photo editing software Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom inside and out.


Advertising Photography



Think Coca-Cola’s fizz-popping energy, UPS’s global heartbeat, Dunlop’s sporty sleekness – Stephen S T Bradley has captured it all, weaving captivating narratives for advertising, editorial, and corporate giants. He blends seamlessly into any brand’s DNA, breathing life into their vision with his lens.

Aerial Drone Photography and Video Production



Featured in The Artling alongside renowned artists – yeah, that kind of good.
Newspaper covers across the UK, Europe, and North America – his lens speaks a global language.
Capturing the essence of Larry King, Elton John, and Jermaine Dupri – he’s not just shooting celebrities, he’s capturing their souls.

Social Media Photography and Video Production



Having created and managed client Social Media content that consistently delivered a monthly average 310,000 impressions from a geo-targeted audience, we are more than capable to deliver the numbers, engagement and sales required by the most demanding of clients.

Advertising Photography



Forget your typical lensman. Stephen S T Bradley is a creative force who rewrites the rules of photography, blending commercial fire with artistic flair. This Northern Ireland native isn’t just snapping pretty pictures – he’s crafting visual stories that ignite campaigns, captivate collectors, and leave fingerprints on your soul.

Fine Art Photography



But step outside the boardroom, and Stephen’s soul explodes in a symphony of color and texture. His landscapes whisper ancient secrets, while intimate nature close-ups reveal a hidden universe of fronds and dewdrops. These aren’t just photos hanging on walls – they’re portals to unseen worlds and prized possessions in private collections across the globe.

Commercial Video Production



Stephen’s magic doesn’t stop at the click. He’s a maestro of storytelling, directing, scriptwriting, and video production, adding layers of depth to his visual tapestry. Think Spielberg meets David Attenborough, with a dash of Social Media engaging pizzazz.

Editorial Photography


PR Photography


Commercial Photography


Annual Report Photography


Broadcast Videography


The Troubles - Photography



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