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Advertising photography for Irish high end interior design and furnishings consultancy and retail company SKI Interiors. Location: Stradbally Castle, Ireland.

After extensive location scouting near the clients head offices in Naas, and model casting in Dublin, Ireland. Stradbally was selected because of the run down look of many of its rooms, which made for a unique look when we integrated the client’s products and the model (dressed in designer outfits supplied by SKI’s Ciara Smullen (pictured below with partners Rita and Helen Smullen) ) – resulting in a slightly gothic and olde world look that complemented and enhanced the look of the clients products.

Advertising photography was done over two days, with a small crew comprising Stephen Bradley (advertising photographer), an advertising photography assistant, stylist, and hair and make-up talent.

Advertising photography for interior design and furnishing retailer SKI Interiors
Advertising photography for SKI Interiors, an interior design and furnishing retail company
advertising photographer atlanta photograph 16b
advertising photographer atlanta photograph 16c
advertising photographer atlanta photograph 16d

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