Landscape photographer USA blog, June 2015.

I have always been drawn to things that take my breath away, that are original, sophisticated and that show uniqueness in their execution and delivery.

Such as mind blowing landscapes by Salvador Dali that, from a distance, may depict creatures in a surreal landscape, but that, on closer inspection, reveal a multitude of other unique and stimulating creatures and things, spread throughout the detail in the canvas.

After seeing the movie Turner, by Mike Leigh and starring English actor Timothy Spall, I discovered landscapes painted by this English artist that did just that.

The paintings I saw in this movie that did it for me showed dark and dramatic storm clouds, painted as if hurtling down towards the sea, or horizon, underneath with an urgency I have never seen before. And I very much liked what I saw.

While experienced as a professional lifestyle photographer, and knowing I had the skills to control light and composition when photographing any subject matter, I tasked myself with creating my first serious landscape photographs using my tried and trusted iPhone3GS.

While the images I photographed pleased me, it was when I brought them into Photoshop, and played with light and contrast, that what I call my skyscape style of landscape photography was brought to life.

Very much enjoying my new found artform.

I hope you do too.