One of my fine art landscape photographs listed recently in the color photography section of the luxury goods and fine arts web site

Link to the listing in the screenshot on this page.

With sincere thanks to Lee Wells of IFAC NYC for his trust and belief in my creativity, his dedication to the arts, and for his listing my work on

While I have been a professional photographer for over two decades, initially as a press photographer before moving into lifestyle photography for advertising agency, corporate and editorial clients, I have only recently discover the joys of photographing landscapes – initially in my home country Northern Ireland.

While it’s inclement weather is not the best for planned exterior photoshoots, the thrill of seeing sunshine light the sky and driving to any location in Northern Ireland (within 70 miles of my home) to discover light, color (not a typo, and with respect to those in Atlanta USA, where I lived for 6 unforgettable years), landscapes and the emotions they bring, never ceases to amaze and excite me.