Full advertising photographer atlanta portfolio

Experienced creating intelligently conceived and attention grabbing advertising photography in Atlanta, London and Dublin, that engages the target audience, and with a background as a photojournalist in Northern Ireland, UK (where every image had to be good or he didn’t eat), Stephen consistently delivers – in creativity, team building and people skills (along with some laughs along the way).

Primarily a advertising photographer specializing in people photography, Stephen also delivers for commercial, corporate and annual report clients. Stephen enjoys playing with light, colour and shape, and creating interesting imagery of any subject matter (creating an image that interests him is of equal importance to Stephen as catering solely to the clients requirements). Resulting in advertising photography that is that bit different and engages on multiple levels.

Equally at home working on location as in the studio, Stephen works in a fast, yet focused and people friendly manner.

If a member of the team, or the person being photographed, is ‘difficult’ Stephen always wins them over, and gets the shot / job done, with his open and honest Irish patter / personality.

Experienced building crew and talent for small, medium or large photoshoots for advertising agency, corporate and private clients in Atlanta, London and Dublin, Stephen consistently delivers in efficiency and creativity.

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