a Connection with place.

“My work takes flight when I encounter skies reminiscent of those in Turner paintings, which I then interpret digitally, resulting in images depicting ethereal and ghostlike skies that loom over subservient landscapes below.

A professional photographer for over three generations, experienced working for advertising, editorial and corporate clients on both sides of the Atlantic, my connection with place occurred recently (2015), when I submitted myself to the elements, light and landscapes of Ireland, the country of my birth (and then Georgia, USA, where I lived for 6 years)– resulting in an immersive connection with place, as I connect with the primordial soul of the landscapes I explore.”

Discovery of the abstract –

“As I continue on this journey of discovery I find myself drawn to the abstract, where shape, direction and tone within the sky space take precedence over that below, taking me to a place where fantasy and instinct lead me to new creative discoveries.”


Stephen S T Bradley


RUA 2016 at Belfast Museum (Oct 2016 – Jan 2017) – group.

QFT (Oct 2015) – solo.


Irish Times

Fubiz (France)

Newstalk Radio (Dublin): live interview.

Landscape photography portfolio